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To develop and apply proven business principals combined with innovation and technology to produce only the highest quality, beverage and food products for people around the world. To develop brand recognition, establish consumer confidence and loyalty through honesty and value.


Limoncello is a lemon flavored liqueur mainly produced in Southern Italy, primarily in the region and the coast of Amalfi. And also in Sicily, Sardinia, Abruzzo, Basilicata, Apulia, Menton, France, and the Maltese island of Gozo.

Traditionally, limoncello is made from the zest of lemons known as Sorrento or Sfusato lemons. Steeping the zest, or peels without the pith, in a rectified spirit solution releases the oils. The result, a yellow liquid, is then combined with simple syrup. it is at least one hundred years old and commonly thought to have originated in the Sorrento area.

For many Italians, sharing a glass of lemon liqueur with friends, new or old is the essence of hospitality. When dinner is done, out comes a bottle of fragrant limoncello. Prepared from grain alcohol, infused with lemon peel and sweetened with sugar, it can be sipped as is, or drizzled over pound cake, fruit salad or ice cream. One sip tingles the tongue and subsequent sips pack a surprising wallop.

Most existing companies produce the standard Limoncello with a few producing flavored variations such as “watermelon”, “pistachio” or “strawberry”. Most production and sales consists of the basic “Digestif” style, high alcohol variety commonly found in restaurants or bars. TLC, in addition to supplying lemon and a number of other flavors, will produce and market its “Elisa’s Creamoncello™”. This outstanding, delicious, beverage is made by combining limoncello, and other flavors, with cream and a number of proprietary ingredients. The result, a rich, smooth, lower alcohol, delightful drink enjoyed at any time, either as a Digestif, during or after dinner, and as a relaxing cocktail. It is best appreciated when chilled, but can be served at room temperature, or over ice.


Tufano Liquore Corporation, LLC (TLC) is a Florida Corporation established in 2016 to produce and distribute, internationally, a variety of alcoholic beverages, baked goods and candies. The Company is the brainchild of Elisa and Vincenzo Tufano. The Company’s initial products are based on the proprietary Limoncello and baked goods recipes created by Mrs. Tufano. After many years of developing, perfecting and producing  her recipes for family, friends and customers of the family’s renowned restaurant (Arturo’s, Boca Raton, Florida), and the unprecedented acceptance and demand, the time has come to commercialize operations.

Elisa Gismondi grew up in a family of restaurateurs. At an early age, being in a restaurant or a commercial kitchen was common place. Her Grandfather had founded a well-known and successful restaurant in New York. In the 90’s, Arturo’s was founded in Boca Raton. Her dad, Vincenzo, her uncle, and in fact the entire growing family all worked to make it one of the best restaurants in America. Today, the Gismondi family name is associated with several major South Florida and synonymous with highest quality food and service.

After completing her education and since their marriage, each summer, Elisa and husband Enzo return to the southeastern coast of Italy to spend time with families and to immerse their children in Italian language and culture. On one such trip, over Five years ago, while visiting Enzo’s Zia (aunt), Anna, that an idea and a future company were conceptualized. Zia Anna’s property overlooks the Bay of Gaeta, is filled with trees that are over a century old. Amerena cherry, fig, lemon, orange and olive trees cover much of the property. Olives are harvested for rich and delicious oil. Fruits are used for marmalade and jam. Until his passing, the lemons went to Enzo’s brother for making Limoncello. Zia Anna for years spoke about her grandmother making a creamy version of Limoncello and promised to find the recipe in famous recipe box. One day she did just that. She gave Enzo an old document, written in the archaic Italian script, which had commonly been used for hundreds years. Since Elisa was on vacation and enjoying her children and the beauty of the area, and thinking at first glance, that it was a recipe for a lemon pudding, she just put it aside. Once back home in the USA, she took another look and was shocked to find it was actually the old family recipe for a creamy version of “limoncello”. Elisa spent several weeks deciphering, locating similar ingredients and interpreting and changing grams and kilos to ounces

And pounds, then, converting the ancient method involved to modern techniques. Batch after batch were not acceptable and disposed of. Finally, the day had come to ask an expert to try the product. Of course that expert is Enzo. To Elisa’s delight, Enzo loved the product and “Elisa’s Creamoncello™” was born. Soon, as a very basic market study, patrons at Arturo’s were being offered samples and the response was outstanding. Repeatedly, waiters heard “where can I buy it”?

Elisa’s creativity came into play and she began experimenting with other flavors. Bananas from her Dad’s trees, which were not being eaten, were soon turned in to Liquore, as were pistachios, strawberries, oranges, coconut and others. Each was tested by family and restaurant patrons. Each received resounding approval. The formula and methodology Elisa had adapted, with slight variations, is suitable for making many appealing flavors. Today, she has perfected and the Company will produce 12 outstanding Creamoncello flavors.

With Enzo’s guidance and encouragement, the concept took root. Demand for the products was growing. The time had come to move to the next level. In 2016, prior to the formation of the Company, the Tufano’s approached Xavier T. “Sal” Cherch, a Florida businessman, with extensive experience in developing businesses, for his advice and input on creating and structuring the new enterprise. Mr. Cherch is the founder and principal of a number of Florida based international companies. After several meetings, together, the Tufano’s and Mr. Cherch, founded TLC and work began on developing a business strategy, a marketing plan and the financial projections which are explained in the following Business Plan. Together, our management team represents years of successful business experience in all facets of operations.

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