For those coconut lovers, who can’t enough of that tantalizing flavor, try our luscious smooth & creamy, Coconut Creamoncello. One taste and you’re hooked! It will tantalize your taste buds. Close your eyes, relax, and you’ll be in your own tropical paradise. If you’re lonely, invite a few friends to enjoy a cool refreshing glass or two with you. A great choice to use in cocktails, served over ice, as a soothing, relaxing after dinner drink, or for making those extra special cakes & cookies. Visit our Web site for recipes and hints on how to use Elisa’s Creamoncello in interesting ways.


The pairing of whiskey and a glass of beer was made popular by the newly arrived Irish in America as The Boilermaker. Discover which beer to pair with your Tullamore D.E.W. and create your own perfect flavour combination.