Elisa’s Cappuccino Creamoncello Tiramisu’

I confess…I am a Coffee-holic and Tiramisu is my favorite dessert by far. It’s simple to make and can be easily eaten out of a bowl with a spoon and before you know it, you will have to remake it because you “tasted” the whole thing. I have omitted the egg yolks which are traditional in a Tiramisu recipe, but I feel that raw eggs, if not handled properly in a dessert, can cause some embarrassing issues. If you are making this recipe for your whole family and don’t want to give the kids coffee-soaked lady fingers for their daily boost of caffeine, I have provided a variation that will substitute a brownie bottom layer which we can then call it by another name like Cappuccino Mousse Cups and you won’t be judged so harshly. You can be creative on how you would like to serve this. I have tried it in 8-12 martini glasses and also in an 8×8 inch dish or a 9-inch round cake pan. If you want to be really creative and have a disposable option, you could use clear plastic cups as well or just eat it out of the bowl. Whichever way, I believe that you will enjoy it.

I did! Again, and again, and again!


Cookie Layer

2 cups Espresso, cooled (good quality) set aside 1 oz for Cream

3 oz Elisa’s Cappuccino Creamoncello

24 Ladyfingers (you may need more or less)

  • Mix the espresso and Elisa’s Cappuccino Creamoncello in a shallow bowl, easy for dipping the lady fingers in.
  • Prepare your container (8-12 martini glasses or goblets, or 8×8 inch dish, or 9-inch round cake pan).
  • Dip the cookies one at a time because they quickly soak up the liquid and fall apart. If you are using martini glasses, you will need 2 cookies, broken in half, per glass. One for each layer. For the 8×8 inch dish and the 9-inch cake pan, line the bottom with one layer of lady fingers. You may need to break the lady fingers in half to make it fit into the gaps. In the end, your result should be a layer of lady fingers. Set aside and make the cream filling.

Cappuccino Mousse Cream

8oz Mascarpone Cheese

¾ cup Granulated Sugar

16 oz Heavy Whipping Cream

2 oz Elisa’s Cappuccino Creamoncello

1 oz Espresso, cooled

Cocoa Powder for dusting

Shaved Chocolate for decoration

  • In a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, gently whip the mascarpone cream until creamy for about 30 seconds, add the sugar and mix for 30 more seconds. I decided to do half of the cream at a time to avoid a splattering mess, so add half of the heavy cream and whip until peaks form. Add the rest of the heavy cream and continue mixing until soft-medium peaks form. Fold in the espresso and Elisa’s Cappuccino Creamoncello. If slightly runny, whip a tad more for 30-40 seconds.
  • Spread half of the Mousse Cream onto the lady fingers. Repeat the dipping and layering the lady fingers for the second layer and spread the rest of the Mousse cream.
  • Cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours. I usually make it the day before because the flavors blend and taste so much better. Before serving, slightly dust with cocoa powder and add chocolate shavings for garnish.


*you will need brownies and chocolate syrup and whipped cream.

If you would like to avoid using coffee-soaked lady fingers and want to make more of a Mocha Mousse Cake, you can substitute the bottom layer with a brownie bottom, either store bought or homemade. Use the same serving dishes I mentioned before and arrange to fit the bottom layer of pan or dish or glasses. Spread a layer of chocolate syrup and spoon on the Mousse Cream. Let it rest in the refrigerator for 4 hours or even from the day before. When ready to serve, drizzle more chocolate syrup on top and sprinkle chocolate shavings. You could even top it off with a dollop of whipped cream.  Yum!